Setting Sails with Kaptan-i Derya

Kaptan-ı Derya is an ambitious game development project. The scope is captaining sail ships of 15th and 18th centuries in the authentic environment of fascinating city of Istanbul, the capital city of Ottoman Empire.

The current ambition is having a simulation model which aims to achieve a sweet balance of realism and fun game-play. In order to accomplish that the feed-backs and comment from the gaming community is crucial, which is the very reason for this web-page.

The development phases and milestones are planned to be published here, to fine-tune and polish the game content.

The achievements of previous titles like Sid Meier Pirates!, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Naval Action are inspired and an ad-hoc sea battle-based and campaign mode multiplayer game style is planned.

Although the target platform is not yet decided, the aim is having a multi-platform game with the support of Unity 3D engine.

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